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For a variety of reasons I’ve decided to start up yet another blog. I’ve had a few over the years – some that were started just to house specific projects, and others that were intended to be more personal but which just kind of fell by the way side when I got too busy.

This might end up being the same, I won’t lie. I’m a busy person. I work in the TV industry as an On-Air Producer (that means I make promos or manage people who make them for me) which has long hours as it is, plus I freelance as a writer and presenter for a variety of clients and publications. In between that I make a concerted effort to always put my family before my work. I have two beautiful boys that fill my heart up with love and an amazing husband that is way more tolerant of my long working hours than he should be!

But anyway, the plan is to fill this blog with the things that I do – from a new and fresh perspective that includes the experience I’ve gained over the past year or so. That includes videogame reviews, tech blah blah (I regularly get product to review or get asked to participate in challenges), stuff I think is cool (which includes everything from comics to fashion) and occasionally rants when I just have to vent.

I recently had to put my baby, Spliced Magazine, to bed, and although it was an incredibly sad and hard move to make, it was necessary for my own sanity. Luckily I’ve learned some important lessons through venturing into that territory, and hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to put it all to good use and resurrect, if not Spliced, then something that speaks to the same passion that ignited that project in the first place.

So this is where I currently am. Attempting a fresh start in the middle of the Madhouse (yes, capitalised) that is my life.

I hope you enjoy it.

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