Disclaimer: I received some PopSockets for giveaway and to try out for review. I was not paid, but I was allowed to keep them (because you can’t really give these back once you’ve tried them out, let’s be honest). My opinions are my own. 

What is a PopSocket you might ask? In short, a little gadget you stick on the back of your phone, tablet, Kindle – any device really – that helps you get a better grip.

I’m going to share a dirty little secret of mine – I drop my phone all the time. For me it’s absolutely essential I have a cover on my phone as I will without a doubt drop it. I’ve cracked screens literally within a week of getting them because I just didn’t buy a cover in time. It sucks big time. I’m trying to convince myself because it’s because the Sony’s that I love are just super slippery, but in reality I think it might just be because I’m a butter fingers.

I didn’t really get what the big deal was

When I was sent a batch of Popsockets for review I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get what the big deal was. They look simple enough. Round little gadgets you stick on the back of your phone. I understood the principle, but really how useful was this for me?

But then my package arrived and I started using them. The first thing I stuck one on was my spare phone, which my eldest son uses to play games. Given the fact that I’m still waiting for the cover I ordered to arrive, I stuck it directly on the back and it suddenly made a world of difference to how he held the phone. He (and I) were less worried about him dropping it because he can actually grip it a bit better, especially given the fact that his hands are smaller.

Given the success of the first one, I proceeded to stick one on my mother’s Kindle – she has a bit of arthritis in her hands, and she said she noticed the difference because when it’s cold her hands often cramp holding it, and the addition of the PopSocket on the back alleviated the cramp.

And then of course I stuck one on my own Kindle and discovered that yes, it was a lot more comfortable to hold than before – and because you can angle the PopSocket, I could prop my Kindle up as well and continue reading without holding it. Granted I don’t do this all that often with this particular device but I can definitely see the advantages if you’re looking at a recipe on your phone or tablet for example.


WIN by going to the end of this post and entering the competition!

So what exactly can you do with a PopSocket? Here are 5 ways you can make use of the PopSocket you’re totally going to WIN by going to the end of this post and entering the competition!

1. A media stand.

I mentioned it above, but this is a cool way to prop your device up easily even if you don’t have a cover that accommodates this. For example my phone has a cover that bends backwards and can be used as a stand as well, but my tablet doesn’t, and it’s easier to be able to watch videos, read recipes etc.

2. Video calls.

This sounds a bit random but I dont know how many times I’ve been on WhatsApp/Skype calls on my phone when I’m still working at my computer and I spend my time trying to switch between the two. I can multitask mentally, but I only have two hands, so you’re either trying to hold your phone and type one handed, or you’re giving your caller a view of the ceiling and/or your nostrils so you can actually work at the same time. With the PopSocket you can stick your phone facing you on top of your screen and continue to work while you call. It doesn’t even need to be a video call of course, you could just have the person on speaker phone if you’re comfortable with that.

3. A grip. 

Seems obvious, but worth mentioning again that this makes your phone (or any device really) a lot easier to hold, especially if you’re a selfie taker. Actually even if you’re not, it gives you more control when you’re texting, and since I’ve already mentioned what a butter fingers I am, anything that makes my phone less likely to go crashing to the ground is a good thing in my book! Apparently you can even use the PopSockets for smaller devices such as GoPros.

4. Earphone wrap.

I don’t know if this is exactly the right word for this – but basically if you use your earphones a lot (I don’t but I know plenty of people who do), you dont want to me constantly unplugging them, then they get tangled etc. With a PopSocket on the back (or even 2) you can wrap your earphones around them to keep them from getting tangled, and then push the socket down to keep them in place.

5. Fidget… thingy. 

If you’re a fiddler (like my youngest son), just being able to pop and unpop the PopSocket as a fidget toy has an appeal in itself!


Now the thing we all know you’ve been waiting for – how do you win one of these awesome little gadgets? It’s quite simple really – can you think of something cool you would use your PopSocket for? Is it something on the list above or is it something I haven’t even thought of? The more original and creative you can be, the more impressed I’ll be by your answer! 🙂 Drop a comment below and you’ll go into the draw to win 1 of 2 PopSockets.

Competition closes 20 May 2018. Open to South African residents only. 

If you don’t win, not to worry – the PopSockets range is available from Vodacom, Game, Makro, DionWired, CNA stores nationwide as well as online at

7 thoughts on “Review // WIN // Popsockets”

  1. The best use for this is one-handed texting which is a struggle on smartphones. Also watching videos while lying down, no more hitting me in the face. But what would be really good is when you wanna have a 10 min bathroom chill session and you’re somewhere where there is no clean space to put your phone. So then you can just hang it over a bathroom hook or even the window’s burglar bars. Great for germaphobes.

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  2. While on a trail run it makes ut that much easier to grab some epic videos of my surroundings. Easy grip while running and more freedom to move my phone around..

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  3. I go through screens so often because I too forever drop my phone xD I Think pop sockets do a great job at keeping your phone from just slipping away (especially when you in the bath/ pool, no one wants a wet phone xD)

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