UPDATE: Congratulations to Richard Ferreira, the winner of the BackBeat Fit headphones! 

I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I’m a big Plantronics fan. Recently I was asked to review a different set to the ones I already have – a gaming headset, the RIG 100HX.

I’m not actually a big fan of gaming headsets – I realise that sounds really weird – most people know me from my days on The Verge, but I actually don’t like playing online that much. It’s not to say I never do, but you won’t find me playing loads of Call of Duty of Battlefield online with people I don’t know.

While this headset might not convince me to change my mind about online gaming, it was exceptionally comfortable to use however, and if I was a big online gamer, this would definitely be among my top choices.

I tested out the Xbox One version

I tested out the Xbox One version but… wait for it… on a Playstation 4. I don’t own an Xbox One, but luckily although they’re customised colour wise to fit their appropriate counterpart, there isn’t really much difference (or so I’m told) in performance whether it’s on a Playstation or Xbox.


There are easy controls on the cable so you can adjust volume at the touch of an easily accessible button. This is also a single cup headphone, which is a bit weird for me as I’m used to dual cup headphones because of my day to day work. That said, this was surprisingly comfortable to wear, and the adjustable mic doesn’t get in the way at all. It sits comfortably, the audio quality is great, and they’re super light, which means you can enjoy hours of play without feeling like you’re weighed down at any point. The ear cup is in fact adjustable, so you can move it up and down easily to make it more comfortable for you. It’s designed more for in game chat, so while you can use it for game audio, where it really shines is the online multiplayer scenarios – yes, the places I don’t often venture…




Final Thoughts

I don’t often use wired headsets any more, so that would maybe be my only complaint – I would prefer something wireless – however that said it certainly wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. If I was going to venture into the world of online multiplayer, this would likely be the companion I would take along for the ride. They retail at just over R500.00.

Did I mention something about a competition?

I’m sure I did… In fact my previous Plantronics BackBeat FIT competition was so popular that I’m giving away another pair of these terrific fitness headphones – hooray! In case you’ve forgotten what they look like, see the lovely pictures I didn’t take below.


Tell me in the comments or on any of my social media platforms below why you NEED these in your life (and trust me you do). Competition closes Monday 9th April at 12:00 midday. Winner will be announced Tuesday 10 April. Open to SA residents only.

EDIT: I’m going to extend the competition until midnight 9th April.



15 thoughts on “Review // WIN // Plantronics RIG100HX”

  1. I need these because my current headphones are extremely uncomfortable and feel heavy after 15 minutes of use. Also, They aren’t as cool looking as RIG100HX

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    1. Oops…Read the competition rules incorrectly…

      However I REALLY need a pair of the BackBeat FIT as my current earphones are wired and I can’t keep untangling them.

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  2. Greetings, I would very much appreciate a series of Backbeat FIT earphones because I often to on runs and I usually use normal earphones which fall off very easily (so instead of “running” I end up jogging. It’s a struggle, which is why i feel as though the Backbeat set would be astronomically useful in that regard.

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  3. Simply because I’ve just recently got back into having a regular workout. However, I’m struggling to be consistent. I feel like I need that extra push to help me keep at it. The Backbeat Fit is just what I need, I think. Plus, wires are not great. They get caught on everything, from weights to turnstiles XD

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  4. I need these in my life because my current bluetooth set that I wear for running aren’t made for it at all and keep falling out 🙁 Keeping the grind up, having lost 60kg so far, 20 more to go, would love some rad Backbeat FIT headies to fire myself though those last 20kg!

    Pppiickkkk meeeeeeeee!

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  5. I need this in my life because the cheap reddragon headset I currently own hurts my ears like hell. Friends also always complain about my bad mic quality. So yes, this would be a valuable addition to my life.

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  6. My entire life I have been using sub par headphones while working. I NEED this in my life, because :
    A – Absolutely sick of tangles.
    B – It might actually inspire me to go running for once.

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  7. I would believe in Father Christmas, the Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy all over again if I could get a pair of these 😊 They have been highly recommended to me for a number of reasons, but two in particular. I’ve justbstarted my own business and so am working in co-working spaces….NOT good for concentration if you can’t block the chatter out and escape into your own “world” which a set of these would enable me to do (and then my business would be more successful and I could earn some revenue and become famous (Hee hee) and pay it forward by them gifting some other deserving person a pair! Secondly, I set a huge goa last year toneun the Paris marathon, which I did…best day of my life!! But after taking a few weeks’ break from running after that, it turned into a few months, and now it’s been a year, (sniff sniff). Paris marathon was yesterday, and seeing al those 57000 people made me determined to find my running mojo again and get back on the road. Planteomics could give me that extra motivation and focus…and then…Paris marathon 2019 baby!! Please help make a dream come true…because Paris is always a good idea, after all 💙 🇫🇷 ❤️

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