We are a Skylanders obsessed household.

And when I say we, I really mean my eldest son and by default the rest of us as we are forced to watch him play Skylanders, LARP Skylanders and watch Skylanders gameplay videos on Youtube. It does however mean that I’ve seen each level played through a fair number of times in the quest for 100% completion (yes that started at an early age!).

I realise this post is a little late in appearing here, however I can honestly say now that I have a very thorough understanding of every single aspect of Superchargers.

Every. Single. Little. Thing.

Because it has been played to death. And don’t get me wrong, I haven’t just watched my son play as he enjoys it most when someone plays with him, a fact I appreciate as I really feel it encourages his cooperative nature, particularly in this case which I’ll discuss shortly.

So what is it about Superchargers that differentiates it from the myriad of other Skylanders games?

Is it the improved graphic quality? Sure it could be, but it’s to be expected on the current gen of consoles. That said, the quality really is quite exceptional. I didn’t expect it to be quite as big a step up from Trap Team as it is.

Is it the new characters? Again, cool, but considering each game has a new set of characters and (wait for it) a new gimmick.

So there we have it. The new gimmick. This time around the developers are giving you the opportunity to drive vehicles: Land, Air and Sea. While only the new Supercharger Skylanders can actually upgrade the vehicles (like kids Need for Speed, I won’t lie I quite like this feature!), any Skylander can drive them. In much the same manner as Trap Team, you need to have certain vehicles to unlock different areas, which of course you have to buy. If you manage to pair the matching Supercharger character with their vehicle, you gain additional bonuses.

Skylanders vehicles
Skylanders vehicles

I spoke earlier about cooperative play. If you’re playing co-op and you enter a vehicle section of the level, then one person must drive while the other person controls the vehicles weapons. While this is relatively easy for many of us, when a child has to shoot while you drive, it forces them to learn to be cooperative. It also forces you to be patient and calm because when you’re trying to drive and avoid obstacles while the crosshair points in the corner of the screen, it can get rather frustrating.

While I personally quite enjoy the whole vehicle aspect of it, I think from a kid’s perspective, or at least a younger child (my son is 4) the storyline in Trap Team was a bit more straightforward to follow. While he was able to tell me exactly what was going on in Trap Team, the storyline here gets him a little more confused. He also finds some of the vehicle tasks a little more difficult and needs additional help with them, much more than he did with the previous game.

I think this is something that should discourage you buying it however, once again it’s an excellent game and while many games that offer a regular release (Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed) after a while blend into each other, Skylanders continues to provide enough variation and excitement to keep the franchise fresh and challenging for younger and older gamers alike.


/// Pros

New villains and challenges


Updated graphics


/// Cons

A little harder for younger gamers to follow than the previous game.


/// Verdict

Definitely worth the buy if you’re looking for a game you can play with your kids and not feel like you’re going to lose your mind. Well, most of the time…

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