We all eat. And we all order in from time to time, especially when we’re working and don’t feel we can take the time to go out and buy food.

What options are really available to us? We all know the major fast food chains – Steers, McDonalds, Nandos – all of these chains offer delivery services but after a while we get tired of the same old food.

I recently discovered (by accident if you can believe that – seriously I just Googled food delivery service) a service called OrderIn.  And it has changed my life! The best part of this service, in comparison to something like Uber Eats for example, is the variety. Once you enter your location you get a list of all participating restaurants within a 5km radius. You then click through to the menu, choose what you want and place your order. You can decide whether or not you wish to add gratuity and there is a flat delivery fee of R10 at lunchtime and R20 in the evening.

So why do I prefer OrderIn over other services? Apart from the fact that I can order pretty much whatever I want for lunch be it Indian food, salad, pizza, whatever – it also indicates which restaurants are closed, and the price on the website is exactly the same as those in the restaurant, unlike some other similar services.

Once your order is placed there is constant communication regarding the status of your order. You get an email confirming that your order has been placed with the restaurant and the approximate delivery time. You then get an SMS when the driver has collected your order and it on his way, along with a link where you can track your driver in the same manner as an Uber. You’ll also get a notification when your order is about to arrive.

The service is friendly (I’ve called them with a query before), helpful and efficient. I’ve seen a couple of complaints on Twitter however the general feedback is that the issues are resolved quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

And of course they offer a rewards programme in the sense that if you register you get a discount code where you get R20 off your order if other people use it and they get a once off R20 discount. So if you want to sign up and get some money off your first order please use my code 🙂 It just means I’ll be able to spend more money with a local startup.

My promo code - please use it!
My promo code – please use it!

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