This is not a sponsored post in any way.

This is about supporting and helping to grow local business.

One such pretty damn amazing local business is Mamma and Nanna.

In particular if you have kids you’ll know that things like bibs and dummy chains and small bits and pieces are expensive! Go into any kids boutique store and you’re looking at exorbitant amounts of money for something they are literally only going to use for maybe a year of their life. The reality however is that you can support local and not break the bank.

One such pretty damn amazing local business is Mamma and Nanna. They started out making bibdanas, which if you’re not quite clear is a bandana bib which clips around your child’s neck to not only catch stray food but more importantly protect their clothes against the dreaded teething drool.


Then on request, the amazing owner Ros Walton, made me a dummy chain. It sounds like a small thing, but I’ve found that really good dummy chains that are easy to attach and remove from your child’s clothing (particularly when they’ve fallen asleep) are incredibly difficult to come by. They either require superhuman strength to lift up a (large) piece of plastic (that covers most of your small humans chest) while jamming a piece of your kids clothing into the catch before it closes on your fingers, or they have pins, or the piece that attaches to the dummy is velcro which goes all yukky and stops holding after a couple of months. The Mamma and Nanna ones on the other hand have a small metal pressure clip that holds the chain in place without extraordinary manoeuvrings and a press stud at the bottom that attaches the dummy. When you baby falls asleep it’s super easy to undo (without waking them!) so they can sleep comfortably.

The best part? They’re really quite affordable!

Moving on from dummy chains, they started making infinity scarves (for adults and children, I have for my kids and for myself), superhero capes, LEGO blankets, Santa sacks and even pillow mattresses which are great for the kids to nap on or watch TV. I’m sure I’ve missed something, but the point is that they are always trying new things and branching out.

My boys in their scarves

The best part? They’re really quite affordable!

The bibdanas are only R50 which if you’ve ever seen the price of similar items in a boutique store you’ll know that’s a steal and I’ve just ordered 2 customised Santa sacks for my kids for only R220 each.

Santa Sacks
Santa Sacks

They’re based in Somerset West in the Cape, but there are various delivery options to suit your budget so don’t stress too much about getting the items delivered safely.

The service is helpful and friendly and on request they will endeavour to help you find a solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Plus Christmas orders for gifts (and these are awesome ones) are closing soon so I would get in touch asap!

Photos courtesy of the Mamma and Nanna Facebook page

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