Let’s be up front here. I don’t sport. I used to sport, way back when in high school, but now I don’t sport. I occasionally watch sport, but it doesn’t bother me in any way if I miss the sport. This also means that I don’t play sports games, but luckily I have a husband who is obsessed with sport. OBSESSED I tell you. So I enlisted him to do the sporting what what for this review. It also helps that I think he’s played practically every FIFA since it’s inception, as well as most of the games from that OTHER franchise of which we won’t speak here.



So according to his notes, there are a few main points.

Is it worth buying FIFA 16 or should you stick with 15?
This depends on what kind of player you are. If you repeatedly play using the same method, for example using the same tactics repeatedly in order to score a goal in every match, then stick with 15 because more than likely you’ll think they’ve sold you 15, updated the teams and repackaged it.
If on the other hand you’re a player who is aware of specific teams, players and leagues then FIFA 16 is the game for you. Although some might argue that these are only slight improvements, overall they really contribute to the game. Team as well as individual skill is there for you to use if you want (or you can stick to pass, pass, shoot, score) and it is very satisfying when you manage to utilise these skills in your tactical gameplay.
Ideally you should spend some time on the training field – learn and preferably master these skills in order to make the matches a little more exciting. (To be fair the exact words in his notes in relation to this point are, “it’s fucking great.”)

The Women’s League

What a great addition to add the international Womens League. If you’re a soccer fan, realise that we’ve been given a way to learn more about the Women’s League and more about individual players that you wouldn’t necessarily know unless you are watching a major tournament such as the Olympics. Having only played a few friendly matches with the women’s Brazilian team vs USA (only on world class mode of course) you realise very quickly which teams are stronger and who are the women to look out for in terms of individual players and their skill.


Anything else?

Player likeness is something reserved for those players that are incredibly well known. If would however be nice to see an update that refreshed the player likenesses, particularly for those up and coming players who weren’t that well known when the game was first released, but who have now hit the big time. This is something that could be fixed in updates, or even in next year’s iteration of the game.

In terms of the rest, well let’s just say that FIFA is FIFA. Every year things get a little extra tweak here and there, stadiums look glossier, players move just a little more smoothly, but for the most part things stay much the same.



Pros //

Some good new additions to the franchise that die hards fans of FIFA will notice and appreciate.

Really like the addition of the Women’s League.


Cons //

If you’re not much of a tactical player then it will feel very similar to the previous version.


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