I first played A Day in the Woods many years ago when I was working on The Verge, back in 2011. At the time I thought it a charming, challenging puzzle game, but it was only available on PC. Mobile games weren’t quite as massive as they are now so it made sense for it to be released on that platform. Either way, I remember giving it a good review at the time. I no longer spend quite as much time playing games on my laptop (doing it for fun and doing it for a living are very different realities!) so I was very pleased to be asked to review the mobile version, in this case the Halloween edition.

The Halloween edition of A Day in the Woods is really just a reskinned version, however it’s charming and just as addictive as I remember it.  Just so you get a better idea of the original game, take a look at the trailer below. It’s a sliding tile puzzle game in which you must guide Little Red Riding Hood to Grandma’s house.

Along the way you must avoid obstacles and things that want to eat you such as bears, wolves and giant spiders. Of course avoidance is not the only tactic, you can distract your enemies with bee hives, yummy bunnies and fire as you navigate around the board on your way to your destination. While you don’t have a limited number of moves in order to reach your destination, each level has a ‘par’ much like golf. If you reach your destination ‘under par’ you achieve a gold star, and if you manage to collect the flowers and berries scattered around the board while doing it, you obtain additional stars. There are three stars in total, and these aren’t always as easy to achieve as it would appear!

The Halloween edition is a skin that turns Red Riding Hood into a witch, the woodcutter into a Jason-like character, the wolves into (what look to me like) demon hounds and so on. It doesn’t fundamentally change the game in any way, or at least not as far as I can see, but it provides a pretty awesome addition to what is already a great game.

A Day in the Wood (Halloween Edition) - RetroEpic Games
A Day in the Wood (Halloween Edition) – RetroEpic Games


A classy, stylish game that has only been enhanced over the years. The release of the iOS and then most recently the Android version of A Day in the Woods should encourage everyone to go out and buy this game. You won’t regret it!

//Available on iOS and Android

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