One of the coolest photo shoots I ever did was for Issue 3 of the magazine for which I was the Editor – Spliced Magazine.

Spliced Magazine has since retired (sadly), however these are some of the images that have been popping up in my social media in recent weeks and I was feeling a bit nostalgic. In the spirit of ending off the year with a little bit of attitude, I’m sharing the awesomeness that is the Spliced Tank Girl Homage. Parts of it are inspired by the work of Brian Viveros, and other parts come directly from the collective imagination of the team involved. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it.



Tank Girl // Pippa Tshabalala

Booga // Ty Skosana

Photographer // Tim Hulme

Creative Director // Chris Savides

MUA // Natasha Carstens

Illustration and styling // Isaac Kosmides




Tank Girl pg1 and 2 combined


Tank Girl pg3 and 4 combined

Tank Girl pg 5


Tank Girl pg 6


Tank Girl pg 7


Tank Girl pg 8


Tank Girl pg9 and 10


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