It’s a new year and a chance to follow through with all those New Year’s resolutions that this year you’re definitely going to keep!

(Excuse me while I LOL)


While we all have our own fitness and health goals or life goals or whatever, I hate New Year’s resolutions, and I never make them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with setting goals, but I feel like resolutions are almost always destined to fail. If you don’t have something you’re working towards or a reason for making a change, then it becomes very difficult to stick to those resolutions in the long run.

So why then have I titled this, New Year, New You when I obviously don’t subscribe to that mentality? It’s because I feel that there are some things that I think we should all try to aim towards and the start of a new year is sometimes the best time to do this. Some might say a clean slate, but the reality is that if you’ve gone on leave and relaxed over the festive season, you feel refreshed and more ready and able to make those changes.

In that vein, here are the things I think we should all do in the spirit of New Year, New You:

  • Learn the fine art of not giving a fuck.

This is the piece of advice that I not only increasingly give to other people, but which I tell myself at least once a week. Now you also have to be realistic here – this doesn’t allow you free reign to stop showering, discard your work ethic or neglect your children, but it does apply to not sweating the small stuff. In the grander scheme of things, does it really matter that some asshole on social media doesn’t like you? Do you have anything invested in their wellbeing? Do they make a difference in your life? No? Then stop giving a fuck about them. Focus on yourself, your life, your goals, the people that mean something to you. Those are the things you need to give a fuck about, not the person who means nothing to you trying to talk about you behind your back. That’s just an example of course, it doesn’t only apply to social media and gossip, but it’s an example we can all relate to. Stop worrying about how other people live their lives and focus on living your own.

  • Have more sex.

Yes, yes. Obviously safe sex, not underage sex, responsible sex, all that stuff. I’m talking about the fact that too often we tend to let our day to day lives slip past, consumed with work or trivialities or tiredness, and we forget to continue to make the connection with our partner. Sometimes that’s sex, sometimes that’s spending time together just enjoying each others company. The point is, don’t forget about your relationship, it’s way more important than your work in the long run and it’s one of the first things to suffer when you get caught up in your life.

  • Take a moment to re-evaluate your career goals.

While I might argue that work is not the be all and end all of your life, we all want to succeed in our chosen career. No one wants to spend five years in a job without a salary raise or a promotion just going through the motions. We all want to feel like our company appreciates the work we put in, and wants to develop our talent. In 2016 take a moment to look at your career and say, “Where do I want to be in five years?” and “How do I make that happen?” If people offer you advice on how to make that happen, pay attention and try and apply it. Be proactive. Make the changes, and above all be open to opportunity. If you sit back and think it will just come to you, you’re wrong.

  • Appreciate your body.

Whatever your size or shape, appreciate your body. Appreciate your health. Not only have I realised that we take our health for granted, but we also take our bodies for granted. Did you appreciate how thin and firm you were before you had children? Did you appreciate how easily you used to run and jump before you developed a heart condition? We should appreciate our bodies now, look after them now, because they’ll never be this way again. If you need to lose weight to improve your health – physical or mental – do so but don’t berate yourself for those extra 2kgs. They won’t affect how people look at you. If you’re dieting, don’t beat yourself up for eating a piece of chocolate. Enjoy it! And get back on the wagon after that. If your entire life is consumed by how you should look, you’ll never appreciate how you look now, and trust me, it’s really not as bad as you think. Exercise and eat better because you want to feel good about yourself, improve your health and well-being, not because society tells you that you need to look a certain way.

Stop giving a fuck about them. In 2016 start giving a fuck about yourself. 


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