I have a relationship with my phone… Is it an unhealthy one? Well, maybe a little, but like most of us, I try to find a balance.

My real issue (after social media) is mobile games. Now I know that many people don’t consider you a “hardcore gamer” (barf, I hate that term) if you play mobile games, but come on guys – how many of you fiddle with mobile games while you’re busy waiting for someone? Or in a boring meeting? Or while you’re half watching whatever is on TV?

Everyone is a gamer. You just haven’t found the right game yet.

Most people, that’s who.

And I download a lot of games on my phone – some because I want to try something new, some because I received a recommendation, and some because my kids want them and feel that my phone is of course absolutely the best place to play them… (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t pick that up). Some of the games stick around for a while, some of them don’t. Either way, I’m consistently on the lookout for mobile games that are fun and engaging and for the most part quick to play. If I’m going to sink hours at a time into a title, it will generally be one I can look at on a big screen and not on one the size of my hand.

Whenever I give talks, I often tell people that everyone is a gamer. You just haven’t found the right game yet. And I firmly believe this is true. If Candy Crush is your thing, or Skyrim or FIFA or Sims – whatever it is that hooks you – that is the gateway drug so to speak. A drug that I wholly support of course because it has numerous advantages – and for anyone coming to me and telling me that they don’t allow their kids to play games, well we have a conflicting opinion there. I don’t allow my kids to spend all day on their various devices, but I don’t limit them to an hour a day or whatever it is because I know that the moment I tell them to go outside and play, they would much rather do so.

Anyway, on the subject of mobile games, Vodacom has recently launched a campaign called #MegYourDay, where if you buy a 100mb bundle (it’s R29), then they will give you between 200Mb and 1Gb of data free to use on specific platforms every day. (For a full breakdown head over to Vodacom’s website). But Wednesdays are #GamingWednesdays, where (once you opt in to #MegYourDay of course) you can download games on any of Vodacom’s partner platforms with your free data.

Screenshot 2017-06-28 09.14.29

You can browse the mobile catalogue of games from Vodacom Games!, Vuclip, DOCOMO Digital and Gamemine, all of which offer a different selection of games, including Double Dragon! Double Dragon guys! Plus FIFACut the Rope and so on. There’s a pretty impressive selection across all the platforms, so make sure you check it out.

Of course if mobile gaming isn’t your thing, you can still take advantage of the promotion across other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and even Takealot.

On a sad note, the other day I accidentally used all my data downloading something because I thought I was connected to my home WiFi… #SadPanda 

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