This won’t be a long one. It’s late and I’m tired and overworked. On that note, there are always things I make time for, and game launches are one of them.

I write this as I’m sitting having a cup of coffee, having just come home from a game launch event. The Assassin’s Creed Syndicate launch to be precise hence the images in this post. This isn’t really about the game however, and here’s why. Even though at the moment my involvement in the gaming industry isn’t as high profile it used to be, I still make an effort to attend not only because I freelance, or for the games (which honestly are reasons enough), but because I genuinely enjoy socialising with people who love the same things I do.

Tonight we celebrate #SyndicateLaunch

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This particular event was hosted by Megarom Interactive, the distributors for Ubisoft in South Africa, who always make an effort to create an evening that is not only about the game, but about creating a social atmosphere that has most people hanging around for hours rather than dropping in and out.


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It’s funny how you always see the same people gravitating toward each other at events such as these. Although I know most of the people in the industry and always make time to say hello and have a chat, inevitably I end up talking to the same group of journos and marketers – people with whom I’ve formed friendships over the years, even if our main commonality is our love of games and a similar perspective on the industry.

Yes, sure this is business, but it’s also most definitely pleasure, and not only because of the games.

My point? It’s nice to play games before they’re released. It’s nice to talk games with friends. But to be able to speak to people in the industry who totally get the highs and lows, the frustrations, the excitement, the business, the realisation that it’s not as glamorous as everyone thinks it is – that’s pretty damn awesome.

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