I think I might have found my ideal workout. Wait, am I really saying that? Yes. yes I am.

Pinterest is the devil. It’s a time suck for all the things you are planning on doing one day – DIY, sewing, cool birthday party themes – but which you know you’re never actually going to get around to, so instead you just create boards of things you think are awesome, secure in the knowledge that IF you ever wanted to go back there to reference these awesome ideas there is a Pinterest board somewhere with something you saved at some point.

Yesterday while browsing through solar system ideas for my kid’s bedroom, I stumbled upon possibly the best workout guides ever. So awesome that I may actually do them. Maybe. One day. Well it’s motivation to think about doing them anyway.

Even better than finding these workout guides on Pinterest, I actually worked my way back and found the original site with ALL THE THINGS!

And guys, guys – whoever put these workout guides together is awesome – because they made all of these guides based on the things I love most! Superheroes and… VIDEO GAMES! Yes!

Do you want to look at cut as an assassin from Assassin’s Creed? There’s a workout for that…

Assassin’s Workout from Darebee.com

Do you want to look as buff as Solid Snake? There’s a workout for that…

Solid Snake Workout from Darebee.com

Do you want to look at blocky as a Minecraft… uh… thing. Ok wait, that doesn’t work quite so well – but there’s a workout for that!

Minecrafter Workout from Darebee.com

The Witcher, Lara Croft, God of War, Star Wars, Skyrim, Game of Thrones (a Lannister always does his reps – I giggled).  There are superheroes, supervillains, video games, Hunger Games, normal boring workouts that nobody cares about after reading this – EVERYTHING!

And if all else fails there’s a sofa abs workout so you can play games and workout while doing it. Yeah ok I might be doing that one…

Sofa Abs Workout from Darebee.com

Find more awesome workouts at Darebee.com


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