Disclaimer: This post is sponsored only in the sense that I was asked to write about my first impressions of the game. The opinions are completely my own.

This past weekend I’ve been playing the open beta of Overwatch. You don’t know what Overwatch is? Where have you been hiding? It’s only Blizzard’s newest game in like… I dunno, forever? Blizzard are known for the Warcraft/World of Warcraft and Starcraft series, which focus on strategy and RPG elements, so to see a game like this come out of the studio is not only exciting, but a bit unexpected.

It doesn’t disappoint however. Sure, there are elements of Team Fortress here (it’s a fast-paced action shooter after all), but this game is an insane amount of fun!

For all intents and purposes the game is almost exactly what you can expect on release (which isn’t far off, so I’d be a bit worried if this wasn’t the case!) with the exception of adjusting a few bugs (or so we’re led to believe).

There are three match modes and players are divided into two teams of six. The modes are quite straightforward – Escort (escort a package), Assault (attack their points, defend your own) and Control (fight for control of a single point).

The maps are varied and really well laid out, making each space exciting and dynamic in which to attack your opponents.


You’re given a variety of heroes to choose from, each with a different play style, so Overwatch is less about classes and more about making the characters your own. Below is an example of Zarya’s gameplay and below that a comparison with Mercy (who I spent most of my time using this past weekend). Each hero has four power abilities, so not only are you running and gunning in the usual FPS style, but you’re combining this with special abilities, adding a new dimension to each match.

And if you’re like me and strapped for time (I don’t have hours to dedicate any more sadly) the Quick Play is really so much fun that you can’t go wrong with that! If you’re looking to drop in and out for ten minutes of blissful fun, or if you’re one of those who spend hours consumed by the red rage then either way I can’t recommend Overwatch highly enough.

I’ve spent the weekend playing the open beta of Overwatch (on and off and not nearly as much as I would have liked due to prior commitments!) and all I can say? You still have a chance to play before the beta ends later today! Do it! Do it now! The game comes out in three weeks so if you do miss it, then it’s not long to wait, but I would honestly give it a try now. If you’re carrying on even a little bit of an internal debate, then chances are that a day playing the open beta will convince you!



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