Unless you’re a gaming hermit (don’t worry, I do know a few) you will have seen social media abuzz with excitement this past weekend. Certainly my social feed was awash with all things #rushesports2017!

I was specifically there as emcee for the OMEN League of Legends Challenge and it was loads of fun for everyone involved, including myself who has only a very superficial knowledge of League of Legends as a professional esport!

Each round was a five versus five battle where teams sought to gain the advantage for a chance to win the South Africa OMEN by HP League of Legends Challenge and tickets to compete against other winners from other regions in the global final at For Games in Prague, October 19 -22.

The legendary shoutcasting team of Devin “HellbirD” Rigotti and Alex “Roidz” Rymill delivered blow by blow commentary on the action throughout the weekend, making it exciting for both LoL stalwarts and n00bs alike.

HellbirD and Roidz doing their thing


After 3 hectic days of knock out rounds, winners brackets, losers brackets, all culminating in a grand final, Royalty beat GoonSquad for the title of OMEN League of Legends Champions. Of course if you’re keen to see how they do and you want to follow the build up to the Finals in Prague, follow the social chatter through #leagueoflegends and #OMENinPRG.


If you follow any of the high profile games like CS:GO, LoL, FIFA, COD or Hearthstone then you would have come away happy after this weekend. Add to that the arcade section, the NAG LAN and the OMEN store, and I’m pretty sure you can say this event had something for any gamer who has ever watched a pro match on Twitch or YouTube. If you were new to the esports scene, then I hope this was the hook that snagged you!

Rush is an initiative by the NAG team, the same bunch who breathe life into the rAge Expo every year (incidentally in it’s 15th year in 2017!), so you know they have the knowledge and the pedigree not to just to put on a great event, but to put on a terrific ESPORTS event. I can’t wait to see how this grows and develops next year!

If this was all TL;DR then here’s a short round up video I made.


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